[pann] Innocent weed Kim Jonghyun’s university life


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The imaginary university life of Pledis Kim Jonghyun trainee who is appearing on Produce 101

Year 4, 23 years old Kim Jonghyun sunbae

His favourite item is the black hoodie. Jonghyun sunbae who is known as the black hoodie handsome guy amongst the other faculties.

Black hoodie Jonghyun sunbae who is going to eat school food with his classmates

The truth is…. He is very shy and attentive

Pupils shaking as the group members who became the same group as Kim Jonghyun sunbae forcefully made him the group leader

Even so he does extremely well when he’s told to [be leader]

Kim Jonghyun sunbae who is comforting his group members

As he is the group leader, there are times when he gets scolded by the professor

During those times, even though his innocent beauty is overflowing, he says everything he has to properly

In truth, Kim Jonghyun sunbae…..

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