About Me

Who Am I?


Hohohohoh, I wonder who I am. Anyway, I go by the name of Kairi, and I live somewhere in the Philippines. (Come, come~ Search for me if you can.)


Back to me, I’m just a simple lady with a flower pot head. (Don’t believe her, she’s a two-faced person!) *hits someone* Sorry, that was just the wind howling. ohohoho.

I’m an enthusiastic manga reader and anime watcher since I was very young and for the past years I’ve been in the world of light novel. Currently, I’m into a kpop group called NU’EST. Check them out, they will give you a real-life anime story with nakama powers.

Oh, but I don’t only focus them. This actually just starts as a school assignment but anyways, I decided to use this for entertainment/hobby purposes! Yeeey!

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As this blog is a random one so expect all randomness here~~

If you are more curious about my life and shenanigans, don’t hesitate to  email me at somewhere in the world.